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I don’t ever write about my blog or being a “blogger.” In all fairness and transparency, I don’t make enough money on it to consider it a “side hustle.” Heck, I don’t make enough on it to consider it income! I sometimes make enough money to pay the cost of keeping it hosted each month. Which is why I don’t feel that I am someone to take tips from and, in fact, I feel a little bit like an imposter trying to give anyone else tips or tricks. However, I am learning a lot about the process and how to promote my blog. In fact, I’ve really leaned into Pinterest as a tool to help promote my blog and it is helping. Which is why I’ll be sharing a list of 100 Pinterest group boards that are open today and, the best part, they are free!

Sharing is Caring

I’ve always believed that sharing information is the best way to help people. Plus, I know how hard it is to want help but fall into “clickbait” that requires you to pay for a service. It’s understandable that they treat it like their job, because it is! However, it’s frustrating when you are new and trying to learn, but also don’t have the money, time, or energy to invest into someone else’s business to get yours off the ground. I’d love to be one of those people who just makes it, miraculously, to 6 figures on my blog. I also know that isn’t how it usually wo I will most likely end up taking some sort of course at some point.

You can bet, in the meantime, I’m going to do everything that I can to keep trying to get there on my own though! Which is great because it means I’m going to share what I learn with you, too.

Why Group Boards?

Group boards get seen more than your personal boards. If you are like me, then you probably don’t have many followers on Pinterest. I think I’m sitting around 500 and, honestly, at least half of those are probably friends of mine. However, I’ve gotten up to 18K views per month because of group boards. Some of these group boards have thousands of followers. When you put a pin on that board those thousands of followers get to view it. Versus if you post it to your own personal boards only that 500 would have access to view it. 

Other Tools

There are other tools out there to help you find group boards. They’re honestly probably going to be better than this list. They will especially be more important than this list if you aren’t doing a lifestyle, gardening, parenting, homestead niche. That’s what I lean towards which is why I was able to find these boards. I am NOT part of all of them but I have requested to join them all with you guys! The problem with other tools is you’ll probably have to pay for them. This will at least give you some sort of boost for free!

100 Group Boards on Pinterest

  1. Pregnancy | Group Board
  2. Lifestyle Bloggers Group Board
  3. Mom Life Group Board
  4. Motherly Motherhood – Group Board
  5. food love : group board.
  6. ETSY LOVE ❤️*Group Board*
  7. Home & Garden Group Board
  8. Amazing Recipes (GROUP BOARD)
  9. **Simply Made Recipe Group Board**
  10. Gardening Tips Group Board
  11. Pinterest GROUP BOARD (Feedourlife)
  12. ☼ group board ☼
  13. Recipes Group Board (Feedourlife)
  14. Simplify Your Life Group Board
  15. Homeschool Resource Group Board
  16. ** Garden Group Board **
  18. Blog posts (Group Board)
  19. Cleaning Tips Group Board
  20. ETSY GROUP BOARD (Feedourlife)
  21. Etsy Handmade – Group Board
  22. ✅ PIN EVERYTHING! (group board)
  24. Children on Board ツ Group Board
  25. Parenting & Motherhood Group Board
  27. Desserts {Group board}
  28. Best Of: Bloggers Group Board
  29. Amazon Group Board (Feedourlife)
  31. Group Board Fun Parenting!!!
  32. Lifestyle Blogger Group Board
  33. ** Etsy Creative Pro Group Board **
  35. All About Family | Group Board
  36. Lifestyle Bloggers Group Board
  37. Best Blog Pins Group Board
  38. Share Your Recipes Group Board
  39. ★Etsy sellers group board
  40. Mommy Bloggers Share | Group Board
  42. .:: The Ultimate Sweets & Treats Group Board ::..
  43. Handmade Etsy Bling Group Board
  44. Beauty Blogger Group Board
  45. Mommy Blogs – Group Board
  46. Best Blogs on Pinterest **Group Board**
  48. Recipes that rock – Group board
  49. Gardening Group Board – GROWITBUILDIT.COM
  50. {Group Board} Pin Everything!
  51. Saving Money Group Board
  52. GROUP BOARD Make Money Online
  53. Natural Remedies and Wellbeing GROUP BOARD
  54. Parenting tips {Group board}
  55. Modern Homemaking | Mom Life GROUP BOARD
  56. Blogging & Making Money GROUP BOARD (Feedourlife)
  57. Feeding your Family *Group Board*
  58. Mom Stuff Group Board
  59. Creative Bloggers Community Board
  60. Mama Blogger Community Board
  61. community | DESSERTS
  62. Best Fashion community
  63. community board
  64. community board!!
  65. Best recipes & drinks community
  66. Creative Girl Community || Group Board
  67. pin like crazy // community board
  68. Blogger Community Group Board
  69. NM 40 Homesteaders Group Board
  70. Homesteading Group
  71. Simple Living | Homesteading | Homemaking
  72. Homesteading Group Board (Feedourlife)
  73. Homesteading And Country Life *Group Board
  74. Homestead Moms
  75. Sharing Ideas ~ Homesteading ~
  76. Homesteading
  77. Homesteading Ideas+Tips+Tutorials | Group Board
  78. Family Life,Homemaking,Simple Living,Homesteading
  79. Homestead / Off Grid
  80. Family Stuff Group Board
  81. Planters Group Board Open4Collab
  82. Eco Friendly Momming || GROUP BOARD
  83. Home Hacks GROUP BOARD
  84. Simple & Intentional Living GROUP BOARD
  85. Simple living and minimalism group board
  86. Group Board · Simple Living
  87. Free Printables | Group Board
  88. Personal Growth And Development Goals [Group]
  89. Blogging Tips For Beginners [Group]
  90. Self-care and Lifestyle (Group board)
  91. Christian Healthy Lifestyle – Group Board
  93. Simple Living Lifestyle Bloggers
  94. GROUP BOARD | Lifestyle and Fitness Ideas
  95. Lifestyle Bloggers Connect
  96. ~ Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Bloggers ~
  97. The Best of Lifestyle & Blogging
  99. Best of Recipes, Tips and More Group
  100. Homemaking Group Board

And a couple bonus boards 😉

  1. Intentional Homemakers
  2. Mom Advice Board [Modern Moms & Moms-to-be!]


There is no notification when you are accepted to join one of these 100 Pinterest group boards. Which, thinking about it, is actually really frustrating! A group will all the sudden show up on your list of boards or you’ll receive a notification that there has been activity within the board. It’s important to make sure that you are checking your boards consistently and that will help you to catch some of them as they come through. Some of the board owners will review requests regularly and others take more time (months). Just wanted to make sure you are aware when you finally get a chance to start getting some views.

In Summary: 100 Pinterest Group Boards

Well my little caterpillar, alas, it’s time for you to be a butterfly. First, go find all of these boards and request to join them. Then, get your pins out there! Even if I don’t make money at it, I hope that you do! I truly believe that the more people we can get out of the rat race of life, the better off we will all be! So, let’s continue to lift each other up and promote each other’s business! 

If you are interested, you can also join my personal group board for homesteading- 

Homesteading Group Board

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