5 Gifts For Homemakers

For years I struggled with Christmas gifts because I wanted to give things that had meaning. This led to a lot of trinkets, knick knacks, and books. Not that those are bad gifts, but people only need so many of them. I like to think that my gifts get better with age. I’ve switched my perspective over to making sure that gifts are practical and something that the person can use. I try to pay attention when we are all in situations together and jot down notes when something comes up that I can think of. It’s still funny how our gifts go from being things that we “want” to things that we actually need. Here are an easy 5 gifts for homemakers.

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Electric Roaster

This is something that I did not foresee myself using. In fact, when my gram passed we had the opportunity to get a very nice roaster and I passed that opportunity up. Something I kicked myself for a long time. I was lucky enough to find one at Goodwill though and that saved me a ton of money. It still seems like a unicorn find to me and I feel very blessed that it was there for me to grab. 

Why is this a good gift? Well, it works really well during canning season. We used it primarily to cook down our tomato sauce. If someone is making large batches this is a good way to do it without having to have a ton of pots on hand. It can also be used to cook down tomatoes or fruits like pears or apples and then you can blend them into a sauce. Another good use, rendering lard. Basically, if you have someone who prefers to do large batches of preservation this is a great tool to have on hand.


5 Gifts for Homemakers: #2 Greenhouse
5 Gifts for Homemakers: #2 Greenhouse

Someday we’ll have one of those beautiful outdoor greenhouses that we see so many times on Instagram. Until then, we’re making do with this indoor greenhouse. I tried to start seeds without this and they sprouted but didn’t grow. This greenhouse helps hold heat and humidity to get the seeds growing. I used all my own pepper and tomato starts this year- that’s how well this worked for me. It’s easy to haul in and out to harden off your plants too! It’s not the most sturdy of things but it’s good enough to get the job done since it’s only used for a couple months each year. 


5 Gifts for Homemakers: #2 CampChef
5 Gifts for Homemakers: #2 CampChef

This is my #1 gift and I love giving it to people. My parents don’t know it (well they might have an idea) but this is what they are getting for Christmas this year. It makes canning season so much easier! Two extra burners and if something boils over it’s outside so there is far less cleanup. Plus, we try to soak up as much time outside as we can and this gives us an opportunity to make sure we are taking full advantage of mother nature.  We use it nearly every weekend during canning season, and that is not an exaggeration. Now we will have two so we can either do double the canning or we can keep one at each house. 

P.S. There are a ton of accessories that you can get to go with this too. We now have the leveling feet to help us on uneven ground and a rolling carry case too! Next up we are going to try to get the griddle because pancakes cooked outside on our patio sounds incredible.

Folding Table & Chairs

5 Gifts for Homemakers: #4 Folding Tables & Chairs
5 Gifts for Homemakers: #4 Folding Tables & Chairs

If someone is a newer homeowner they may not have these on hand. We were blessed to inherit a set when my gram passed but I bought the big version so that we’d have more room for canning. We use these for canning and for when we butcher chickens. My mom has at least 3 of them on hand and there are times when we’ve had them all out! I love their usefulness as well as the fact that they allow us to accommodate additional people in our home. Fostering community and fellowship is so important and this can allow most everyone to do it. 

Cast Iron

5 Gifts for Homemakers: #5 Cast Iron EVERYTHING
5 Gifts for Homemakers: #5 Cast Iron EVERYTHING

I’ve used cast iron for years but I’m constantly shocked to see just how many different cast iron pieces there are out there. We now have multiple sizes and shapes of skillets but we also have a bread pan too. I’d love to eventually acquire a waffle maker, bundt pan, and pie pan. Cast iron pans last for generations and can be pricey if you want a high quality one. Plus, you can pair them with the CampChef and start cooking outside for your meals.

Bonus Gift: Planner

Over the past year I’ve come to find how incredibly useful a planner is. Being able to write things down and check them off one by one is so satisfying. It’s also a place where I can put papers I need to keep but don’t have a good spot for. In addition to that, it’s where I keep my notes on my gardening and canning. It notes when I started seeds, when I planted my garden, what I planted, and when I started harvesting. It’s so darn useful and I think it would be life changing for anyone who doesn’t currently use one. If you know someone who does use one then it’s just even better assurance that they will love this gift. 

Stocking Stuffers

Okay, as a bonus I’m going to list out some of my favorite stocking stuffers too. My mom always asks for ideas so that she doesn’t buy us chocolate (which we really don’t need). So, without further ado, here are my favorite stocking stuffers.

In Summary: 5 Gifts For Homemakers

Hopefully this list has enough on it to give you some good ideas. If you need more, you can check out my more lengthy guide from last year. Between the two of them you should be able to find something for every homestead or homemaker woman in your life. Whether they are cooking from scratch or tending to animals, these gifts are very practical and will, no doubt, help their jobs around the home feel a little bit easier. 

Do you prefer big gifts or stocking stuffers? 

Honestly, stocking stuffers are just so fun and can be an inexpensive way for you to show someone that you truly understand them. 

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