Attachments for Mason Jars

A quick browse on Amazon will tell you exactly how many mason jar attachments there are out there. I only own like half of those! Just kidding. I do own quite a few of them though. For those of us who are into canning we typically have extra jars on hand at all times. I decided to use those jars for more than just canning though. Some of these attachments for mason jars have been so useful and have allowed me to cut down on some kitchen clutter. 

Plastic Lids

To start we have the standard reusable lids. The most simple of the attachments for mason jars! These are plastic though and I like them for different purposes. For instance, if I am freezing something it is easy for me to put these plastic lids on hand. With the lid market being so tight I don’t want to waste my lids on freezing them. At least not when I know that these lids work just as well, if not better. I also use the solid plastic for my sourdough starter too. I use it without the seal so that there is still air flow for the fermentation process and it works perfectly. It’s a lot easier than other methods that I have seen before.

Mason jar with toothbrush holder attachment.

Toothbrush Holders

There are actually quite a few different toothbrush holder lids out there. These ones were the first ones that we found years ago and we still have them. I don’t know that I would recommend them simply because they are starting to rust now. However, I’m not sure what the total useful life should be on them either or how they compare to others on the market. I did just finally order some new ones so if they turn out to be better than these I will let you know. I like that they make them in different colors now too. Previously, when I got mine, the only ones I could find were silver. Now they have them in all the finishes to match your bathroom.

Mason jar with pitcher attachment.

Pitcher Handle

Okay, this is one of my personal favorite items. It also came with a ½ gallon mason jar which was extremely exciting to me. I use this for milk and other fun beverages. It works really well for us because I don’t have to keep an entire pitcher in my kitchen. We have limited kitchen space and a lot to keep in it. By using this pitcher handle lid I can keep all of my jars in the basement still and this is just a small item to store. 


There are a couple different types of these that I have. One of them is the coffee version and one is normal lids with a spot to put your straw in them. I like both of them for different purposes. If I’m going to have an iced coffee I like to use the more coffee-like lid. I also like these more for on-the-go because they aren’t quite as bulky. The straw ones are good if you need to mix anything. I drink Redmond Relyte daily so this is one of the things I’ll drink in these so that I can get it mixed in well.

Mason jar water kefir attachment.

Water Kefir 

These are the bees knees if you are doing water kefir. For the first couple weeks of having water kefir grains I didn’t have the lids. I used a coffee filter and a rubber band to keep anything out of the liquid and still allow for air flow. It was hard to pour out the liquid though and made the process more complicated. These lids make it so much easier to just leave it sit on my counter and pour into bottles when needed. I haven’t tried it but I think that it would also work to use them on sourdough too. This would allow adequate air flow for fermentation still. You wouldn’t need to pour it out using the lid but it’s more of the open/close feature that would be helpful.

Mason jar with lamp attachment.


This has also been one of my more favorite finds. Lights are always hard for me because I am super picky about them. Some people don’t even notice lights when they go into a room but it’s always something I look at for some reason. When I started searching for lamps for my house as a single lady I couldn’t find anything that I liked. I was only in my early 20s so I didn’t want anything too fancy. When I found these lamp attachments they were a perfect fit. Now here we are, all these years later, and we still have them decorating our home. They’ve held up to a couple moves and all of the reorganizing too. Highly recommend. 

Mason jar with a spray bottle attachment.

Spray Bottle

I know that I keep saying this but this one was exciting for me too. I started infusing my vinegar and I wasn’t entirely sure how to use it without mixing it into different things. I like mixing it but I know that vinegar by itself can be a cleaning agent. It seems so pointless to take it out of the jar just to pour it in a separate storage container so that I could spray. We are all about efficiency over here. This spray bottle lid made it so easy to turn a jar of infused vinegar into a multipurpose cleaner. Easy to make the vinegar that smells fresh and clean and then easy to use once it’s done sitting. Win-win!

My list is small compared to some others. It is amazing to see how much mason jars have taken off over the past few years even. The things that they are coming up with that make life so much easier. They make these jars have so many more purposes than just canning. Honestly, it gives me a little more reason to keep more on hand. Don’t tell my husband though, he hates how many I have around the house! 

What other attachments for mason jars have you seen? What are the attachments you can’t live without? Let us know! 

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