Attitude Product Review

After 2-3 years of being toxin free I still have not found a specific brand for everything that I prefer. I usually buy whatever is convenient at the time or whoever has the best deal. I’ve tried what seems like endless amounts of products. Some of them I’ve loved and others have been a total flop. One of the big factors for me is in addition to them being non-toxic I really need them to be cost friendly. This has honestly led me to making a lot of products like hand soap and dusting spray. However, there are still things like dish soap and shampoo that I’m not adventurous enough to branch out and start making on my own. In my quest to find some good toxin free brands I stumbled across Attitude. If you are still looking, like me, hopefully this Attitude product review will help you make some decisions.


I am in no way sponsored or paid to talk about these products. There are a lot of people out there that I’m sure are getting paid to do that. This is my very own unbiased and unpaid review.

Rating System

I’m really hoping that you understand this without this little blurb, but in case you don’t I will explain. My ratings are on a scale of 1-10. The closer to 1 it is the less likely I would be to buy it again. The closer to 10 it is, the more likely I am to buy it again and also recommend that you buy it too. It’s one of those, go right now because you need this product in your home type of situation. A 5 is just mediocre and I will probably keep searching for another brand. 

Laundry Soap

First, this laundry soap smells amazing. A lot of non-toxic laundry soaps are fragrance free and don’t have any scent to them at all. I’m not saying that they don’t work but there is just something about clean clothes that smell like clean clothes. Hopefully you know what I mean. In full transparency, I’ve tried both powders and liquids before and I truly prefer liquids. It just seems like they clean our clothes better than powders. My husband is a mechanic so his clothes tend to get more dirty than most. This laundry soap does a good job of helping to get those clothes as clean as possible. It’s been the best non-toxic laundry soap that I’ve tried thus far. 

8/10 To be honest, I’ll probably try a couple more but I just want to make sure I’m not missing out on anything but this is my “go-to.”

Dish Soap

Non-toxic dish soaps are a whole new world and they take some getting use to. They just don’t foam like “standard” dish soaps. Why is that? Well, it’s because they add a chemical in those soaps to help it foam. This is the same chemical that is in your shampoos and soaps called sodium lauryl sulfate. Sulfates are known for causing dry skin and can also cause lung conditions. So, I’ve learned that when switching to a non-toxic dish soap you are going to have to lower your expectations a bit. They probably are not going to foam up as much as you want but they are still doing the job. 

Again, great smelling soap here. They are EWG verified clean products so I don’t worry about the smell. They use actual ingredients to get the scent. For example the citrus is  listed as “terpineol (citrus), decanal (citrus), allyl heptanoate (sweet fruit).” My biggest complaint is that I can’t do a large load of dishes. This soap is awesome if you’re just washing up a sink full. If you don’t have a dishwasher (or don’t use the one you have like us) you may have more than a sink. I’ve found that by the time I get to end of the load my dishes start to get a little filmy. This also depends on what I’m washing too as greasier dishes will cause this to occur more quickly. 

5/10 I’m definitely still searching for that perfect dish soap.


Attitude deodorant is my absolute favorite, hands down.
The #1 favorite on my Attitude product review list- the DEODORANT!

Let me start by telling you that I’m a very sweaty person. When I exert even the most minimal amount of effort for exercise I’m probably going to break a sweat. I workout on my lunch break most days so I’ve put this to the test. It works. It’s fantastic. Hands down the #1 item favorite item on my Attitude product review. I still smell good at the end of the day. Most natural deodorants required multiple applications for me. I would put it on before the workout and then another application after. Not Attitude! I put it on once and smell fantastic all day. They have an awesome selection of scents too that really smell like more of the traditional deodorants. BONUS- they are also plastic free. No toxins in the actual product and no toxins in the packaging either!

10/10- LOVE this. I don’t foresee myself ever turning back.

Pet Surface Cleaner

I grabbed this on a whim due to the awesome cost. We have one dog that has what I’ll call a sensitive stomach. She tends to vomit quite often. It’s frustrating and that is why we keep a spray on hand. This stuff works awesome. I don’t find that my pets keep going back and sniffing the spot after I’ve cleaned it which leads me to believe it’s getting everything taken care of. This is one of those things that we don’t buy often but it’s really hard to find non-toxic versions.

10/10- Will for sure just add this to future orders when needed. Also want to try the other pet products!

In Summary: Attitude Product Review

This is definitely a brand that I’m going to try more of. I’m certainly going to continue to order the deodorant, minimally, which means more opportunity to try other products when I order. They do have sales and good deals sometimes too that are worth watching for. I know some people are able to get discount codes so if you are into non-toxic living check with your favorite instagram influencers because they might have one. Overall, I would say they are well worth giving a try. They’ve been my favorite brand that I’ve used so far.

What other non-toxic brands do you use? I’d love to give them a try and review those ones too.

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