Easy Men’s Haircut At Home

The first time I gave my husband a haircut I was terrified! The one good thing about giving guys haircuts is that their hair grows so fast! Only a couple of weeks and it’ll look like nothing ever happened. The other good part about cutting a guy’s hair is that if it goes too terribly wrong they can always shave their head. It’s much easier than a woman who places more value on her hair and would most likely be very upset if you told her that you needed to shave her head. My mom has been cutting my dad and brother’s hair for years though. She walked me through this easy men’s haircut at home. I still use this every time I cut Colin’s hair and it works great. This is only going to work for short hair cuts though. 

Supplies Needed

  • Cape
  • Comb
  • Spray Bottle With Water
  • Scissors (optional)
  • Electric Hair Trimmer with Guards
  • Neck Brush (optional)

We bought most of these supplies from the dollar store. The electric hair trimmer kit with the guards only cost us $15 at the Dollar General that is 2 min from our house. Here is a link to one from DG, it’s not the same one but it’s basically the same type of kit. The rest of it was maybe $10 more total. That means we only had $25 into it. If the worst case scenario occurred and I was horrible at it we weren’t out a lot of money. Plus, the payoff was great. If we only had $25 into it that means that was only 1 haircut from the salon. Each haircut after that was money in our pockets! When a return on investment like that it’s hard to believe any guys go to the salons once they are married! I swear, if we have boys someday I will cut their hair as long as I possibly can. 

The Method For Easy Men’s Haircuts at Home

There are a few steps that I’ve tried to document in order of how I do them. You don’t necessarily have to follow this order but it is how I was taught and I’ve found it works well. Your husband (or you) can choose which guard level you want to use. For reference- the higher the number on your guard the longer the hair will be. Zero is shaving it all off and 3 is pretty much a happy medium level. I find it easier to use levels that are close to each other. We usually use a 1 &2 for Colin’s hair, sometimes a 2&3 if it’s winter and he can stand it a little longer. 

Before beginning, spritz the hair with water. It doesn’t need to be soaking wet, just a little bit damp to be able to work with it better. 

Step 1

Trim around the ears. Our kit came with guards for this purpose. They will stand out to you because they are usually labeled for the ears and they are the only guards that are not level. In addition to that, they are cut on an angle so that you can go behind the ears. They are also labeled with which ear you are supposed to use them on. As a guide, the shortest part of the guard should be right next to the ear. You want to go against the grain here. Go the opposite direction of the hair with the short end next to the ear. 

Step 2

Cut the sides. Here is where it’s important you find out what your husband wants. Colin typically keeps the sides of his hair very short. I cut this at a 1 and go up to the crown of his head. A good hairdresser or barber will be able to “fade” the hair more here. If you are reading this though, you are most likely in the same boat as me- just trying to save some money! I promise my husband doesn’t look like a goober and I don’t do any fading. I cut one level up to the crown of his head. It’s important to make sure that this is level all the way around their head. You will be able to see if it is all crooked. 

Step 2 of the easy men's haircut at home is to cut the sides of the hair.
Step 2 of the easy men’s haircut at home! Cut the sides up to the crown of the head.

Step 3

Trim the top of the hair. This is where we use the 2 or 3 guard. Again, you should be going against the grain here. Start at the man’s forehead and push the trimmer towards the back of their hair. My husband has a really weird cowlick on his head that I have to trim in all different angles. I have to pretty much go in a circle to get it all trimmed at the right level. This is where the scissors come in handy for me. I can get it all trimmed up and make sure it’s the same length even though it doesn’t lay flat. If your husband wants long hair on the top this would be your opportunity to cut with only scissors. I am not that talented and I’m super thankful my husband doesn’t have a lot of hair. 

Step 4

Trim the man’s neck. Every man has hair that grows down their neck. Some men are just better at keeping it more cleaned up. Before we finish up I always clean up Colin’s neck and side burns. You can usually find a nice line where the hair should be cut off at. I don’t use a guard for this part. I find a nice line and take off everything that is below that point. There are 2 corners on the sides of his neck where I find the hair tends to concentrate. This isn’t essential and if you’re not comfortable I’m sure your husband will be okay with the hair. I just know my husband says it gets itchy if I leave it there and it looks a lot more clean if I do this extra trimming.

The last step of the easy men's haircut at home is their neck.
Last step for your easy men’s haircut at home! Trim up the neck to get rid of the itchy hair.

From here you just need to make sure that everything looks all level and even. I typically have my husband go look in the mirror to make sure that he likes what he sees. Sometimes there are little tweaks I need to make and sometimes he accepts it as is. This is the easiest way I’ve found to cut a man’s hair and make it look decent. Do you cut your husband or son’s hair? How did you learn? Hopefully this guide for an easy men’s haircut at home helps save you money!

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