Homestead Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

When we first started working from home I was so gosh darn busy trying to adjust to what was happening that I stopped listening to anything at work. As I started to gain a balance again I would flip between podcasts, movies, music, and TV shows. I realize that to some listening during work is a distraction. Even back to high school I would always be doing my homework with FRIENDS on in the background. In college? FRIENDS on in the background. As I got older I realized it actually helped me to stay more calm and get more work done when I had some background noise. I did switch it up though and tried to incorporate more learning opportunities for myself while working. When I found homesteading I wanted to learn as much as possible. I started digging around in podcasts to help soak up information. Here is my list of the homestead podcasts that you should be listening to:

The Prairie Homestead– Old Fashioned On Purpose

To be fair, I’m a little biased towards this one as it’s the first I listened to. It totally got me hooked on all of the homesteading podcasts. I love that Jill is super down to earth and she covers a wide array of topics. She gets into a little more technical stuff and shares a lot of resources. I even started keeping a notebook next to me so that I could write down various things that I had learned. She does a great job of working through beginner topics as well as things that are a little more complicated. To be honest with you, there are only 2 podcasts on the list that I binged through all of the episodes. This was one of them! These aren’t in any sort of order but I do recommend this as my number one of the homestead podcasts you should be listening to.

Simple Farmhouse Life– Farmhouse on Boone

This is the second podcast that I binged through all of the episodes. The helpful information just kept coming and I kept listening. This one is great because she has a ton of guests. I love that she brings on a bunch of different people to get such a wide range of “experts” that cover just all different kinds of topics. She also shares a lot of information and resources that are helpful for people just starting and people who have been doing this for years. One of the best things is that she does a lot of Q&As, I love this because it’s real life people like you and I that are asking these questions and she’s able to answer them. It’s truly the essence of giving people what they want.

Homemaker Chic

This one is very different from the ones that I listened to before it. At first I was a little thrown off and I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it. However, as time went on I found that Angela and Shaye are very funny and entertaining. They share a lot of tips to just help you stay sane. Plus, their episodes are a little longer which is nice because it’s not an overwhelming amount of topics to binge listen to. Also, these ladies love their wine so if you are a wine lover- this is the podcast for you.

We Chose the Farm

Lianna and Lindsay basically share all of their experience with us on these podcasts. I love that they share what they are doing and the ways that they got started. They have a lot of combined experience that has a wide range of homesteading topics as well so that is super helpful. These are definitely short and sweet episodes that get right to the point. I, of course, was listening during work but I think it’d be super easy to throw one of these on while cleaning or cooking as well.

The Definitely Not Simple Life

What is better than one or two perspectives on homesteading? Three perspectives! Between these three ladies I think they’ve done it all.  It’s a great podcast because they have such a wide variety between all of them and they each have a different experience which makes it so much more helpful as someone who is just starting out. They don’t go too in depth to make it confusing but give you enough information to get you on your way. They also do some fun collaborations with others as well. 

Midwest Farm Wives– The Grateful Farm Wife

Whitney and Kylie share the real deal on their podcast. The ups and downs and just some pretty tough topics honestly. What I’m loving the most about their podcast is their constant reliance and openness in their faith. Every episode is uplifting and they are just spreading positivity like wildfire. They are funny and so down to earth as well making them super relatable. They don’t share super technical stuff, I didn’t find myself taking notes on things I’d learned but it was just enjoyable to listen to. It was enjoyable to hear about what they were doing, the challenges they were facing, and just what was on their hearts lately. If you need a dose of positivity or if you are feeling a little alone, this is a great podcast to listen to. I especially recommend the episode on friendship. I felt it so deeply and it resonated so much I just want to share it with everyone. 

Azure Farm

A husband and wife duo! Expecting just females like most podcasts, I was pleasantly surprised when I started listening. I love their stories and their banter back and forth but I also love how they are each other’s “hype man.” They definitely support each other very well and it makes the podcast super enjoyable. Their stories are great and super down to earth. They are also doing a lot with not a ton of space. They are great resources if you are in are looking to homestead on a smaller area. Also, they are hilarious. I had several laugh out loud moments listening, especially the pool fiasco. Out of all of the homestead podcasts you should be listening to this one is worth the listen just for a laugh!

Out of all of the homestead podcasts you should be listening to- make sure this episode is on the list!

Pioneering Today

Melissa Norris is so informative. This podcast has been around while and she puts out new content quite frequently. There are loads of information on here! I liked the variety of the formats too. Some of the information is just her speaking from personal experience, some of it is interviews with others, and she even had on just everyday people to ask questions too. There are a lot of things that she talks about that a lot of homesteaders will go through from gardening to baking- she has many tips and tricks. Plus, she incorporates some faith into her podcast episodes which I really enjoyed. 

Marketing for Farmers

As of the timing on this post, Kendell just started this podcast. The first few episodes are jam packed with good information. She is sharing valuable tips about how to sell products, how to market them, and, especially, how to use social media. Her very first episode was all about growing instagram. I’m so glad there is someone out there that is sharing directly to this industry vs. a blanket approach for all industries. It’s important to keep up with the changes around us and I’m excited to hear more from her as this podcast continues. 

I’m sure that there are more podcasts out there that I haven’t gotten to. Please let me know! I would love to give them a listen. I hope you’ve enjoyed my review of the homestead podcasts you should be listening to so far!

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