Homesteader Men’s Gift Guide

Gifts for men don’t have to be complicated! I hate giving gifts that are just stuff and if you are here you probably do too. It’s important to me to give gifts that are meaningful and have purpose. They should have some sort of use for the person who is getting them. When I started looking at different gift guides for men they weren’t super detailed which made it more difficult for me. I looked so much but couldn’t find a good one. That’s when  I decided to create my own homesteader men’s gift guide!

Boot Dryer

Men’s feet sweat (and so do women’s) so a boot dryer is a must! We didn’t realize it until Colin started doing a lot of outdoor chores. We’d love to just set the boots next to the fire and let them dry but that isn’t possible for us. We have a fireplace insert but not a fire so it won’t work. This helps his boots to stay nice and dry all winter long.

Peet boot dryer.
Boot Dyer

Milwaukee Air Compressor

This is a small portable air compressor and we love it! My dad got his first and after using a few times we knew that we needed one. This makes it so simple to blow up the tires on our quad or tractor or even our cars. We have a lot of Milwaukee tools so we always have batteries on hand for it too. It’s a little bit pricier but well worth the investment. 

Milwaukee M12 air compressor.
M12 Compact Inflator

Circular Saw

This was on our list of things to buy when we ended up getting one given to us. There were so many situations that we needed one and didn’t have it before then that I couldn’t leave it off the list. It’s so handy for all of the projects that we are working on. If you have a homestead you will inevitably be doing some projects so this will be useful for you.

Milwaukee circular saw.

Thermal Layers

This one is going to depend on your climate. We are in the northern portion of the US so thermal layers is a must around here. If you will be spending any time outside you will want the bottom layers to keep you warm. My husband is a mechanic who has to work outside so these are always on the list. When the next polar vortex roles around we want to be prepared!

Traditional long johns on our men's gift guide.
Traditional long johns are the perfect thermal layer.

Work Gloves

These can be for cold weather or just gloves in general. I’m including two different versions here for that exact purpose. There are some that are thermal to be used in the snow and there are also some that can be used year round. 

These are thermal work gloves
Water resistant work gloves.
These are water resistant work gloves.


There are several types of boots that we use around here too. I’m going to include all of them on the homesteader men’s gift guide because a lot of men will need more than just one pair.

A good pair of rubber boots are needed for both the spring and fall when our home turns into a mud pit. 

Rubber boots are the best for the muddy spring and fall season.
Rubber boots are the best for the muddy spring and fall season.

A good pair of work boots for his job. These took a long time for him to find, honestly. There were a lot of types that he tried before he found some that would hold up and didn’t hurt his feet. 

Carhartt cork sole shoes are perfect if he’s on his feet all day.

The third type is a pair of just general chore boots. These are actually what he wears off the farm too with a pair of jeans. They work for a lot of different applications and just slide on easily.

Carhartt pull on work boots.
Carhartt pull on work boots.


This is another one that you can choose to get for warmth or for normal wear. Typically I will use Christmas to get Colin some super warm, thermal socks. These tend to be more expensive than others so they count as a gift for us.

Carhartt thermal boot socks.
Carhartt thermal boot socks.

Hand Tools

Wrenches, screw drivers, sockets, saws… all of these have been such good gifts for Colin. My mom always asks for small things for stockings and these almost always make the list. We like to have a lot of different sizes on hand for different projects that we are working on. We like to have some for the house, the barn, and the cars so multiples are needed. 

Milwaukee screw drivers.
Milwaukee hand tools.

Ratchet Straps & Bungies

This is another category we’ve found that we can’t have enough of. There are so many auctions where we are tying stuff into the back of trucks or onto trailers. It’s so helpful to have extra straps so that we can make sure we have enough to get everything secured. There are also a ton of different sizes of these too. A few of each length and width can take some time to accumulate.

Ratchet strap.


This little invention is going to save marriages. I’m convinced! My husband has so dang many hats. They were always sitting around everywhere and it drove me crazy. Enter the DomeDock. This thing holds up to 25 hats and keeps them all in the same place. We keep it in the garage and he can grab a hat as he goes in and out of the house. 

The DomeDock holds up to 25 hats and is worthy part of this men's gift guide.
DomeDock holds up to 25 hats!

Sledge Hammer(s)

My favorite part about this list is that you can keep coming back to it. There are small sledge hammers that are helpful for pounding stakes into the ground. There are large sledge hammers that are helpful to break concrete. This is another gift that you can give multiple times because of the different sizes and it’s still going to be helpful. 

10lb sledge hammer.
Sledge hammers come in all shapes and sizes.

Rain Coat

This was something I hadn’t even thought of until we started spending more time outside. We don’t always have the luxury of not going into the rain. Animals need us rain or shine so that means we need gear to be prepared for that.  

Men's columbia rain coat.
Men’s Columbia rain coat.

Shop Vacuum

There are a couple of options with this one. We love the smaller shop vacs for cleaning out our cars and using around the house when we are doing projects that are messy. The big shop vacs are helpful for larger projects or if our cars are super dirty (like mine always is). 

Dewalt wet/dry shop vacuum.
Wet/Dry shop vacs can handle huge messes.

Step Ladder

This is an odd one but hear me out here. This is one of the handiest things we have around our house. Instead of dragging a chair around we pull out our step ladder. There have been many times that we even wished we had more than one of them which is why I’m adding it to the homesteader men’s gift guide.

Cosco step ladder.
These step ladders are the best!

Reciprocating Saw

One more tool because it’s been a tool for just about everything around our place. This has all kinds of uses and I promise that most any projects will go more smoothly with it. It’s perfect for tight spaces and outdoor projects too. Battery operated so you can take it anywhere. 

Milwaukee reciprocating saw.
Milwaukee reciprocating saw.

BONUS: Homestead books and/or books on raising animals. My husband doesn’t read a ton of books but these are the kind that he will actually get through. They oftentimes have a lot of tips on projects and helpful ideas for successfully raising animals. I’ve found that if the topic interests the person they are more apt to read the book.

We hope you’ve found this homesteader men’s gift guide helpful! Let us know what the man in your life is getting this year! 

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