Instant Pot Hard Boiled Eggs

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Instant Pot hard boiled eggs are one of my favorite snacks. Anyone else out there think that the yolk is the best part?! I know I do. Once your chickens start laying you may be wondering what you are going to possibly do with all of those eggs. I found myself constantly making boiled eggs to take in lunches, to eat for breakfast, or to throw in an egg salad. One of my favorite recipes with hard boiled eggs is this avocado egg salad.

For years I was just like everyone else searching for the perfect way to boil eggs. Adding things to the water. Trying to boil them for different times. Putting them in cold water afterwards. You name it- I had tried it! There is something about homegrown eggs that make them so much more difficult to peel too. Some of those popular methods would work well for store bought commercial eggs, but I could never get them to work nearly as well with the eggs from my homegrown birds. 

A Weird Egg Machine?

In my travels to Austria they actually had this really neat machine so that people could boil their own eggs for breakfast. They actually eat a lot of soft boiled eggs there which I also enjoyed. It must not be a European thing either because they also served soft boiled eggs when we were in Greece as well. Anyways, back to that nifty machine. It looked a little like this: 

I remember when we first saw it we honestly had no idea what it was for. We kind of waited around to see what other people did with it and that’s how we finally figured out what it did! Then we were hooked and had to give it a try! It made great eggs and the user could decide if they wanted soft or hard boiled too which was such a neat feature. When I first started exploring how to make the best eggs I thought for sure I would need to buy one of these to have around. It is really neat but I can’t imagine getting it in and out of the cupboards or, worse, having it take up so much space on the countertop. 

Then we were gifted a Ninja Foodie for our wedding and my life changed. No joke you guys. If you needed convincing to get a Ninja or even just an Instant Pot- THIS IS YOUR SIGN. Dinner made in minutes? Yes please! Meats cooked in half the time? Yes please! The best hard boiled eggs ever? You bet. 

The 7-7-7 Method

The method that I use on my instant pot eggs is similar to what I did while I was boiling them. I refer to it as the 7-7-7 method. It’s both quick and super easy for me to remember.

First add 1 cup of water to your instant pot (I’ve done this with a lot of eggs and just a few eggs and the cup of water always seems to work). I also use the basket or trivet in our instant pot. I have had some eggs crack so this prevents them from being drowned in the water and I just usually eat that as a cooking snack. (Also, please tell me I’m not the only one who snacks while they are cooking?! Perks of being the cook right!) You’ll cook the eggs on high pressure for 7 minutes, then let them naturally release for 7 minutes, and finally put them in cold water for 7 minutes.

Here are the things I’ve learned-

  1. I’m not sure I have to say this but just in case- you should wash your eggs before cooking them. Sometimes they look clean enough to just throw in there but definitely just make sure you wash them first. As I explained earlier, you may see one break occasionally and you don’t want to have to waste that cooking snack because you didn’t get all the poop off the eggs before cooking.  
  2. You can leave them in the natural release longer and it won’t ruin them. There have been times where I forgot about them and by the time I looked at the timer it was at 10 or 15 minutes. Those eggs turned out just fine and tasted just as good.
  3. I do not use ice water. We don’t have an ice machine in our fridge and I’m terrible about actually keeping ice on hand so this was just not a step that was going to happen in our house. I run cold tap water and put the eggs in. The eggs you see on this post were put into this plain cold water. With this method I do switch out the water a couple of times. My eggs usually end up sitting in the water much longer than 7 minutes simply because I forget about them or get busy with other things going on. I try to empty and replace the cold water a couple of times while they sit out. You will feel from the water temperature that the eggs are starting to cool down. 
Perfect instant pot eggs.
Perfect instant pot hard boiled eggs!

In Conclusion: Instant Pot Hard Boiled Eggs

This is truly the best way that I’ve found to make hard boiled eggs. The shells, once cracked, will slide right off. While I’ve never personally made deviled eggs (yet) I just know that these would make the most beautiful deviled eggs. Again, I will tell you, the instant pot or Ninja Foodie whichever one you prefer is well worth the investment. If you are hesitant the Instant pots are a little cheaper to make that investment a little easier. We opted for the Ninja Foodie for many reasons (you can read about them here) and if we hadn’t been gifted it we were definitely going to purchase it. I still tell the people who got it for us that it was, hands down, the very best gift that we got for our wedding. Hopefully this post helps convince you that you need one too so we can share recipes! Watch for more from us as we continue to explore and master the many uses of the Ninja Foodie, but, for now, enjoy your eggs!

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Ninja Foodie or Instant Pot Eggs?

As you can see above, we actually use the Ninja Foodie and not the Instant Pot. However, I’ve found that all of the Instant Pot recipes I’ve tried also work for the Ninja Foodie as well.

I’m not an affiliate but here is a link to the Foodie that we use.

Perfect hard boiled eggs.

Instant Pot Eggs

The key to having hard boiled eggs that peel easily.
Prep Time 5 mins
Cook Time 21 mins
Course Side Dish
Cuisine American


  • Eggs
  • 1 Cup Water
  • Ice Water


  • If your eggs are homegrown and dirty like mine you will want to wash them.
  • Place eggs in your instant pot basket.
  • Add 1 cup of water to the instant pot.
  • Pressure cook the eggs for 7 minutes.
  • Let the instant pot naturally release for 7 minutes.
  • Put the eggs into a bowl of ice water to cool for 7 minutes.
  • Peel and enjoy.


Some of your eggs may crack but they should still be fine to use. 
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