Non-Toxic New Home

Moving into a new home provided an opportunity for us to have a fresh start.Years and years of toxin use just piled up. Even though we tried to get rid of all of the toxins they still lingered. After writing about all of the things that I was leaving behind I realized I should write about the things I’m adding to our routine. Here are some of the ways we’ll enjoy our non-toxic new home.

Air Doctor

Our new home is previously lived in so there are years I can’t erase. I can’t change what the previous owners sprayed or possibly smoked in there. We suspect there was some marijuana use in the home so I knew it was going to take a lot to make this a super fresh start. The first thing that came to mind is an Air Doctor air purifier. I’ve looked into many different purifiers over the years but none of them are quite as good as the Air Doctor. Seriously, I spent a ton of time trying to find one that was cheaper or better. I looked at all of the comparisons but this one just beat every single one of them. I got one for our main floor and I’m so excited to put it to good use. It’s one of the first things that will go in the house to get all the yuck out!

First things first, clean your new home with this non-toxic carpet cleaner.

Biokleen Carpet Cleaner

The next step, after clearing the air, I want to clean everything else. The first thing on my list is the carpet. Thankfully, there isn’t a ton of carpet. The bedrooms all have laminate flooring in them for easy cleaning. Our living room and sitting room both have carpet though. Plus, the previous owners had pets so who knows what happened in there! We will most likely replace the carpet in a few years but for now we just want it to be as clean as possible.

 Years ago my mom bought her own industrial carpet cleaner. At the time I remember thinking she was crazy. I have borrowed that carpet cleaner so many times I can’t even count anymore. Again, going with my non-toxic fresh start I did not want to buy the typical Rug Doctor cleaner to go in it. I’m a member of the Just Ingredients group on Facebook and that is where I found a recommendation for the Biokleen carpet cleaner. I will use this in the machine and I also got the spot cleaner as well. 

Our non-toxic new home will be cleaned with only non-toxic cleaners.
The thieves bundle! Bonus- I got the dish soap for freeeee!

Thieves Cleaner

All of the walls and cupboards need to be wiped down. My mom suggested that I use bleach to do this. Just to make sure that it is all truly clean. I do want it to be clean but I just don’t want to bring the chemicals in. I stocked up on Young Living thieves cleaner to solve the problem. The best thing about the thieves cleaner is that I can dilute it as much as I want or keep it strong. For this application, I want everything to be super clean. I’m not going to dilute it nearly as much as I normally would. I will most likely also add the thieves oil to my cleaner too for an added boost. I love the smell of thieves and just the scent makes things feel and seem cleaner. 

A non-toxic new home can still be freshened with some good fragrances.

Essential Oils and Diffusers

Once everything is cleaned up it’ll be time to diffuse some good smells. We’ll have nicely purified air, clean carpets, and clean walls. I can smell the freshness of it now. To make it feel more like home I’m putting a diffuser in our living room and our bedroom. This will help to make it feel and smell more like home for us. I love the clean smell but I also know that it can start to seem sterile instead of a place where we can relax and be ourselves. I’ve tried all kinds of oils but I truly prefer Young Living. One of my favorite blends is Abundance + Peppermint + Geranium. 4 drops abundance, 3 drops peppermint, 1 drop geranium. It will be fall when we move and I’ve also been stocking up on all the fall scents to diffuse in that cool crisp air.

Molly’s Suds

Laundry soap is one thing that I’ve been anxiously awaiting to transition. We’ve been so stocked up on the toxic kind that I knew I needed to use it up. I just couldn’t stand to waste that much money by throwing it all out. Like the “prepper” that I am though, I bought a bag of Molly’s Suds while they were on sale last year. I figured with 2020 being such a mess it was a good thing to just have on hand. I’m so excited to finally be able to put it to good use. 

Organic Dryer Balls & Essential Oils

Are you starting to see a theme yet? A lot of what we are moving to the new house is oil based. We are finally making the full leap into the oil world! I’ve had oils for years and used them kind of randomly. We’ve seen some really cool things come from the oils though so we are excited to get fully on board. As I mentioned before, laundry has been lacking. We still have a very toxic system. I’ve been using cheap synthetic oils on cheap laundry balls. Still probably slightly better than dryer sheets but I’ll emphasize the slightly better. Now I have already bought some good organic dryer balls and have several Young Living Oils to try out. I love the fruity ones for laundry- lemon, citrus, tangerine. 

Shampoo & Conditioner

One of my goals for the new house is to eventually start making my own soap. This was on my list of things to try this year regardless but now I’m running out of all our stocked up soap. I don’t want to buy a ton more because I don’t want to move it all. One of the soaps I want to try are bars of shampoo and conditioner. In the meantime my husband’s cousin sent me some bars by The Tipsy Goat Soap Co that I will give a try. At least they aren’t bulky and should be nice and light to move. 

There are so many good options for your new home even if you aren’t the first one living in it. What things are you preparing so that you can have a non-toxic new home?

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