Non-Toxic Postpartum Items

Postpartum. A world that a lot of people don’t discuss. Well, they discuss parts of it. Like how great it will be to have your baby in your arms. All of the things that you need for the baby. What the baby will be doing and how they will need you. What a lot of people don’t talk about is what the mom’s body is doing. How to best help your body recover. Supplies that you should have on hand (even in a just in case) scenario. Granted, this is my first baby so this list is probably longer than most. I don’t have first hand experience with what is actually needed but here is the non-toxic postpartum items that I’m planning to have on hand.

#1 Trick

Remember that you can return things! 

My plan for the majority of these items is to order them as we get close to our due date. That way, I can still utilize the amazon return window. There are certain things I probably won’t be able to return but this allows me to potentially get some of my money back if I end up having a c-section or if I just don’t end up using them like other women do.


I’m planning to have a variety of pad sizes on hand. That way, as fluids taper off, I can also taper down on the pad sizes. There are a couple brands that are more non-toxic including Natracare and the Honey Pot. They carry panty liners all the way up to maternity pads. 

A word of warning, the Natracare maternity pads are very large. Much larger than I anticipated. My sister ended up having a c-section so she gave me these and I was a little shocked. I’m not sure how they compare to other brands. I just wanted to put it out there.

Disposable Underwear

A lot of women really love those mesh underwear from the hospital. Do they look attractive? Absolutely not. However, when fluids are still coming out of your body they are practical. No one wants to have to soak and wash a bunch of stained up panties or bottoms if you leak. Having some disposable undies on hand is a great idea. 

The only brand that I’ve found that is remotely non-toxic in this area is Rael. Now, I know they are still not the best brand. I’ve heard some different reviews on them. However, they are still organic and they still have to at least be a better option than your regular old depends. 

Perineal Spray

In the hospital, they will give you Dermaplast. I’ve honestly heard great things about this product. My friends swear that it is a lifesaver. Have you looked at the ingredients though? Not so great. 

Instead, I’ll be opting for the Earth Mama perineal spray. The job is the same and there are a lot less chemicals for me to get in and around what is, essentially, an open wound.

Nipple Butter

The most recommended butter out there is Earth Mama. It seems even the people who don’t care about toxins are also hooked on this one. It comes in many sizes and you can easily grab it on Amazon.

Sitz Bath or Bottle

It doesn’t really matter which bottle or bath you get. They are all going to be plastic. You could even grab both if you really wanted to.

What does matter is the salt that you put into them. Do yourself a favor and skip the toxins here, grab the Earth Mama Sitz Bath. Another thing that you are going to be spraying into an open wound. 

Witch Hazel

Do yourself a favor and just make some witch hazel pads. A lot of people will recommend tucks but there are a bunch of extra ingredients in there that I, again, wouldn’t want in or around my area. It’s simple enough to grab a bottle (or two if you have more than one bathroom) of witch hazel and some organic cotton pads. 

Breast Pads

Obviously, the big boxes of disposable pads are the most popular. Did you know that you can get the organic version though? There are a lot of reusable organic pads out there but some people prefer disposable ones. PureTree makes an organic version for us! I honestly plan to have both reusable and disposable on hand. 


This is going to be controversial but hear me out. My sister was really sick after her delivery. The c-section meds didn’t sit well and her blood pressure was low. It’s not what anyone wants but it was the cards she was dealt. For that reason, she could barely hold the baby let alone help him nurse. He ended up getting some bottles for the first few days while she recovered and got her milk to come in. Now, a few days of bottles is not the end of the world. Her baby will be just fine. However, if I can be more prepared and have the formula I would prefer on hand- just in case- I’d rather do that. If I don’t use it, I can donate it and I know it will go to a good cause. 

Also, be sure to read the directions and ask your hospital about this. It does require water (obviously) and some want you to boil it . I’ve heard some hospitals also don’t allow outside formula either.

WishGarden Herbs AfterEase Tincture 

This isn’t a must have item but I’ve heard it work wonders for many people. A lot of those who are having a home birth especially swear by it because they don’t get the pain relievers like they give out at the hospital.

As a side note here, there are some other WishGarden products that they have to support you in postpartum too- clogged ducts, baby blues, and hormone rebalance. These are all natural ways to help support your body. Just keep them in mind and save this post for the future so you can find it again if needed.

Silver Nursing Cups

Another item that I’ve heard of that can be a life saver…The cost on these is higher so it’s an item that you’ll definitely want to wait on and then return if you don’t end up using them. Sounds gross, because someone could use them and return them but Amazon will still take them back. (I’m sure they end up on a pallet somewhere, sadly). 

These are supposed to help your nipples heal and prevent any cracking or chaffing. 

In Summary: Non-Toxic Postpartum Items

This list honestly overwhelmed me a little bit when I started putting it together. I’m about 33 weeks pregnant and the fact that the end is coming soon is hard to face. I can’t imagine not being pregnant! However, I am also really ready for the baby to be here and in my arms. It’s a wild range of emotions, folks! We are doing the best we can to prioritize tasks that need done and it sure is keeping us busy enough to forget the end is coming more near. Thankfully, Amazon is having their prime days in July this year which should be close enough to my delivery that I can get things at a discount and still return if not needed. Win-win! 

What was your most used postpartum item? Did you have it on hand or need to buy it?

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