Small Kitchen Storage Ideas

The one hold up that I had on our home was the kitchen. It’s small. Smaller than what I was use to. Smaller than average. As someone who cooks from scratch it’s a big downfall. There are a lot of items in my kitchen, but the more cooking you do the more tools you need it seems. To say I was nervous is an understatement. When we moved in I got rid of everything I didn’t find that I absolutely needed. That still wasn’t enough. I had to get pretty creative with our small kitchen storage ideas.

Ziploc Holders

I’m listing this one first because it’s my favorite. Even if we didn’t have a small kitchen I have a feeling that I would want some of these. They just make me feel more organized! Plus, now I don’t have to take up drawer space on ziploc bags. These hang right in my pantry which keeps them out of the way. They aren’t gorgeous so I wouldn’t necessarily want them out for everyone to see but they aren’t the worst either. It just depends on if you are going for something practical or beautiful. I try to find some sort of in between. 

Ziploc storage can easily free up a drawer for storage in your small kitchen.

Under the Sink Organizers

There are a couple options for under the sink. There are shelves that you can install to be able to stack things. They even make stackable drawers now so bottles and such won’t be falling off the shelves as you are trying to get to the ones in the back. 

The other option is a hanging door organizer. This is the one that we opted to go with. We also have a reverse osmosis system under our sink. This takes quite a bit of room as it is so the space we have below our sink is even less. The door hanger doesn’t take up but a few inches inside your cupboard and will hold quite a bit. It holds our dish soap and dishwasher detergent too, plus a ton of sponges and brushes. 

Under sink storage.

Cutting Board Storage

There are also over the door cutting board holders. This is another thing that you can take out of your cupboard stacks. Plus, the best part, is that it makes your cutting boards super accessible. I use my cutting boards every single day so to have them under a bunch of stuff can just be frustrating. This keeps me from digging around and shifting things in addition to saving space. Grab one on Amazon for one of your quick small kitchen storage ideas.

Removing Shelves

This is something that you don’t even have to buy! One of the ways we found to save some space was to remove some existing shelves. They weren’t practical for the big items that we needed to store. At some point I feel like kitchen cabinets stopped being practical and started being made for beauty. I don’t feel like people are going to go snooping through my cupboards anyways to even know that I took out some shelves. 

Use Your Decor

Dual purpose, baby! We have decor that holds some of our mugs. Which saves me some valuable cupboard space. The mug shelves with a bunch of decorative mugs also seem to be all the rage right now. Add one so that you don’t have to keep your mugs in your cupboard. Based on the amount of mugs that I see at thrift stores it would seem a lot of us end up with just too many mugs. Storing them out in the open is a great small kitchen space saving idea but can also add some character to your kitchen and dining room. 

Using decor is a great small kitchen storage idea!
Using your decor is a great way to save space!

Pull Out Can Racks

This is one of the things that we haven’t invested in…yet. It’s definitely a great way to save some pantry space. This takes advantage of that gap between the refrigerator and wall. Seriously, who comes up with this stuff?! It’s an amazing way to get just a little bit more space in your kitchen. Then, if needed, you can add more goods or tools to your pantry. We have a mix of both in our pantry so I know how incredibly useful it would be to have just one more shelf worth of storage. We are looking into it. Hopefully, one day I will be able to update this post and let you know that we added one and we love it. 

Obviously, the best thing that you can do for a small kitchen is downsize your belongings. I’m of the belief that we have too much stuff hanging around anyways. As I mentioned, this is one of the things that I did when we first moved in. It was difficult. I like to have things in my kitchen “just in case,” but it was worth it. It made my kitchen less cluttered and more easy to work in. 

What small kitchen storage ideas have you had? Let us know how you are handling your small kitchen and cooking from scratch in the comments.

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