Sports Bras for Large Chests

I’ve had a large chest for as long as I can remember. All through high school I played sports with 2 sports bras. A lot of people I knew work a regular bra and a sports bra. I, on the other hand, wore a softer sports bra and then one that clamped everything down. It was incredibly uncomfortable and made me look ridiculous. The infamous uniboob. Thankfully, I usually had jerseys on where I don’t think people noticed. Plus, I was a kid no one should have been looking at my boobs. As I got older I started on the quest for the best sports bras for large chests. 


The first thing I want to address is cost. At first, I didn’t want to spend the money. I’m not one of those girls that can go to target or old navy and grab a couple of bras. I certainly can’t order them off amazon. One of the things I had to come to terms with was spending some money. The best bras are not going to be cheap. If you aren’t willing to put out some money, this probably isn’t going to help you.

As one small tip, I did buy mine gradually. I got them as “rewards” for hitting some of my goals. Even in my adult life I was wearing double sports bras. That’s right, still had the uniboob in my adult years. I got one bra at a time until it was finally time to end the double bras. 


This is not my favorite bra but it does have it’s good points.


  • Has many adjustments: This can be adjusted on the shoulders and can be adjusted in the back.
  • Front zip closure: This is necessary. None of that getting half stuck in it after a workout.
  • Tight: Obviously, you need the right size. If you have it right it does hold everything in.
  • Pushup: This really pushes up my boobs and makes them look kind of good. 
  • Color Variety: They actually make some really cool colors and have some seasonal ones too.
  • Impact Strength: There are medium and low impact varieties. I haven’t tried them but I hear good things.
  • Warranty- I believe they still have this. A year warranty so if something happens they replace it. I had a zipper break and mine had to be replaced. It’s quite a process but worth it. 
Modeling one of the better sports bras for large chests, the Shefit.
The SheFit has large straps that help keep everything in the right place.


  • Causes a uniboob: As soon as I start doing an activity my boobs have freedom to shift together. 
  • Rough Fabric: The fabric rubs on my skin and the band is rough so it has caused irritation before. The bottom zipper has also done the same. 
  • Velcro: There is a lot of velcro and I have had it come apart if they aren’t pushed down just right.
  • Bulky: The fabric is just bulky. It’s a heavy bra. 
Modeling another version of the Shefit.
One reason I don’t like the Shefit is because it can feel like it’s pushing up the girls too much.


Hands down, my favorite sports bras for large chests! I have three of them!


  • Impact Level: Has multiple impact levels including low, medium, high and maximum. I opt for maximum.
  • Control: I’ve never had a bra that holds everything down so well. I’ve gotten questions and compliments while working out that’s how noticeable it is. 
  • Front Closure: There are hooks that close in the front making it easy on and off. 
  • Comfortable: The fabric is actually silky soft and comfortable.
  • Multiple Models: Has the racerback and the maximum control. I prefer maximum control for most applications but both bras do a phenomenal job of controlling movement. 
The seam is very evident in the Enell but it provides the best security I've found in any of the sports bras for large chests.
The seam is very evident in the Enell but it provides the best security.


  • Not Sexy: It’s quite possibly the least sexy bra ever. 
  • Seams Show: There are seams on the front that will show through your shirt/tank top. I don’t mind but I know it bothers some people.
  • Limited Colors: They are coming out with a lot better ones but they are still pretty limited. 


This is the only one I’m including on the list that I haven’t tried. I’m including it because it’s the only option with an underwire. In fact, Serena Williams is known to wear these bras. They are on my list to try for sure and then I’ll update my pros and cons list too!


  • Variety: They have a ton of options that are available. From colors to impact levels to different shapes and sizes. 
  • Underwire: Some people find that these give them more support. It makes them feel more comfortable while working out. They also have choices without underwires too.
  • Low Cut: They have some versions that are cut more like a normal bra so that you could wear them with any type of shirt. 


  • Back Closure: These all close in the back. Thankfully they close like a normal bra but I still prefer mine to open in the front when I’m all sweaty and disgusting. It’s just easier. 

There really aren’t many sports bras for large chests that I trust. It’s really hard to spend a ton of money on something that doesn’t work. I tend to rely more on word of mouth recommendations because I know they are tried and true. I first learned about Enell from a friend at the gym. She wasn’t even what I would consider large chested but she swore by them. I trusted her and I’m so incredibly glad! I have 3 of them now and have had countless friends purchase them on my recommendation too. 

With that, I have a really quick ask! Please, please share your sports bra recommendations for women with large chests! The more options, the better. We would love to know your tried and true bras to be able to share them here. 

Be on the lookout for normal bras for large chests as well. I haven’t found my favorites yet so you are welcome to share those too and I’ll see if I like them.

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