Toilet Cleaning Fizzies

Toilets are gross. I don’t think there is anything that can make toilets fun. If a puppy drinking out of it isn’t cute then I’m not sure anything we can do is going to make it any better.  Anyone who would like to debate me is welcome but let’s just be real here. They are disgusting and cleaning them is just not fun. In fact, it is absolutely my very least favorite chore that I have to do around the house. Even when I was single and it was just my bum using the toilet I didn’t like it. There is something about toilets, I swear. When I decided to start making my own cleaners I wasn’t sure toilet cleaner would make the list. As it turned out, the first cleaner I made was these toilet cleaning fizzies. 

I had a couple different requirements for my new homemade toilet cleaner. The first thing was that it needed to be non-toxic. If you’ve been around my page at all you’ll know this is one of my primary goals for our household. The second thing was that it needed to kill some germs. I realize there are other parts of our house that actually have more germs than the toilet but in my mind it’s the germiest. As a third requirement I wanted it to be easy to make. The toilet fizzies only kind of make the list on that requirement. There are quite a  few steps but I can still get them done in around 30 minutes not including dry time. 

As a bonus, toilet fizzies are essentially the bath bombs of your toilet so there is a fun level associated. If we had kids around I’m sure it would be rather exciting for them to be able to toss them in the bowl and watch them fizz. As an adult the novelty wears off after you realize that you still have to clean the toilet after they are done fizzing. 

What Do You Need?

The ingredient list is full of non-toxic ways to kill those germs!

1 Cup Baking Soda- This is the main cleaning agent. It also helps whiten the toilet bowl and it’s a natural way to eliminate odors too. 

½ Cup Citric Acid- The reaction between the baking soda and citric acid is what causes them to fizz when they hit water.

40 Drops Essential Oil- You can use any scent that you would like but I prefer to use lemon. Lemon has that fresh clean scent plus it is known to deodorize and disinfect. 

½ tsp Vinegar- My best friend in cleaners is this infused vinegar! It has so many cleaning properties and is the best thing to help kill the germs.

1 Tbsp Hydrogen Peroxide– Another agent to help disinfect the toilet bowl and deodorize. 

Small Spray Bottle- Any will work but I prefer a small 2.5oz bottle. 

Silicone Ice Cube Trays- I use 2 trays that make square cubes.

Storage Container- Once dried they will need to be stored in an airtight container. Obviously, any moisture is going to cause them to start to fizz. 

Azure Standard sells most of these. I get the baking soda and citric acid in bulk from them. If you haven’t shopped with Azure don’t be shy, this post explains exactly what you can expect!

Directions to Make Toilet Cleaning Fizzies:

Toilet cleaning fizzy ingredients.

Add baking soda and citric acid to a large mixing bowl.

Add 40 drops of essential oil to the bowl.

Baking soda and citric acid with essential oils added.

Mix well and break up any clumps.

Add the vinegar and hydrogen peroxide to the spray bottle.

Slowly spray the vinegar mixture into the baking soda mixture. You will need to keep mixing this as you go. I find that around 3-4 sprays in between mixing works the best. If it gets too wet it will start to fizz and this will cause it to not fizz when you put it in your toilet. 

You may not need to use the entire vinegar mixture. In fact, I usually do not use it all. You need to add enough so that the mixture feels like wet sand. You should be able to form it into a ball but that ball should break when you drop it back into the bowl.

Scoop the mixture into your silicone molds and press into them firmly. The tighter you press the less they will “grow” when you let them dry. 

Press the fizzy mixture into the silicone molds.

Let dry for 2-3 days before using. 

Finished toilet cleaning fizzies that have air dried for 3 days.

Remove from silicone molds and place into an airtight container. 

Toilet cleaning fizzies.

Mine tend to “grow” while they dry. I’ve seen pictures of other people making these and their perfect little squares look nothing like mine. Mine have a fuzzy end on them but I truly don’t mind. They still look pretty cute in the storage container. 

How to Use Toilet Cleaning Fizzies

Drop them into the bowl and let them fizz! Let soak for a few minutes. Scrub the toilet bowl with your brush. Don’t forget to flush when you are done!

Easy as that, folks. 

I’ve branched out to try a few different non-toxic brand toilet bowl cleaners but I keep coming back to these fizzies. I truly do enjoy making the cleaners that I use and this one is much more fun than just dumping things into a bottle like most cleaners. If you have kids this could be a fun activity to have them help you make these too. They could spray and you could be mixing to get the process done even more quickly. Then they get the satisfaction of being able to put them in the toilet and see them fizz as well. I’m a big supporter of getting the family involved, especially when it comes to teaching kids how to help clean the house. 

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