Earthley Wellness Product Review

I found Earthley Wellness products in 2020 as I stumbled down my non-toxic journey. I realized that there were a lot of herbal ways to help your body heal and prompt wellness. As of the time of writing this I am an affiliate with Earthley so I do earn a small commission should you choose to shop using my links. However, my main reason for doing this Earthley Wellness product review is to help introduce you to better ways to help your body heal instead of covering up the underlying issues.

A lot of the over the counter medicines out there might be helping with one issue but then simultaneously causing another issue. They also tend to mask the root cause of the health issue in the first place. For instance, seasonal allergies are typically because your liver isn’t able to keep up. I’ve had seasonal allergies since I was a kid. I’ve been on an over the counter zyrtec since I can remember. Sometimes all year long and sometimes just seasonally in the spring and fall. As I got older I tried to keep it to just the spring and fall because I wanted to let my body do what it needed to do. Our bodies are miraculous and have been working without modern medicine for quite awhile.

Modern Medicine

I’m not here to debate modern medicine. In fact, I fully believe that there is a time and a place for modern methods. It’s easy to recognize that there are things that caused death in the past that are now totally avoidable. I have an entire stockpile of over the counter remedies just in case something comes along that we can’t seem to manage. However, I do think our dependency on them has increased dramatically over the years. I don’t believe that is a coincidence. There are people out there who are making money on keeping people sick.

I’m a firm believer in supplements and vitamins to help our bodies too. Modern doctors will recognize some of them but not others. This is also a very odd situation to understand. Why would some vitamins work but not the others that are out there? Can someone explain this to me? Doctors will tell you that vitamin C is great for your immune system and vitamin D deficiencies can cause a host of issues. What about the rest of the vitamins and supplements that are out there?

I understand we can start to question what is in those supplements and if they are “pure.” That can be done with vitamin C and vitamin D as well. I just have to believe that if we can have faith in some vitamins then there has to be something to the rest of them as well. The difference between vitamins and over the counter or prescription drugs is money. Again, I believe there are people out there that are making money by keeping people sick.

As we went through our miscarriages I was determined to live a more holistic life. I was already on quite a few vitamins and supplements that helped me to successfully transition off of birth control without major hormonal imbalances. After the second miscarriage I actually met with a holistic doctor as well. She tweaked my regiment slightly but agreed with what I was taking to help my body heal. 

Holistic wellness is more than just supplements though. It’s about what we put on our body just as much as what we put in it. Earthley Wellness has a varied product line that is designed to help with all of this. They have supplements, tinctures for various ailments, personal care items, teas, and, most recently, they launched a home care line too. They are a great option for someone who is looking to take steps toward a more holistic lifestyle and without breaking the bank too. If you are wondering where to start I will give you a rundown of my top 5 products from Earthely. I haven’t tried the home care line yet though so this list may change in the future!

Ease the Ache

Jumping right into here with Ease the Ache. If you are a guy you will want to skip this one but I just have to put it right at the number one spot. It has been LIFE CHANGING for me. I try to start taking this 2-3 days before my period starts. Even if I don’t get to it early enough starting it the same day my period starts works well for me too. It is able to curb my cramps significantly.

There are times when I would spend the entire first day of my cycle on the floor in the fetal position because I was in so much pain. As soon as I know my period is coming I take 1-2 droppers with a big glass of water. This helps curb the pain to make it manageable for the first few hours and then almost non-existent after that. I also feel that it makes my periods lighter. Without getting into too much information after the D&C my cycles were off. This product has helped me manage those so much better. 

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Me with my Earthley Wellness Ease the Ache. My favorite product.

Goodnight Lotion

First of all, this stuff smells delicious. Even just smelling it sometimes makes me feel more sleepy. If you tend to have cramps at all in your legs or feet while sleeping this is a great product for you. My sister was on magnesium supplements but still having cramps in her feet around the time of her cycle. She started using this on her feet before she went to bed at night and the cramps were gone! I love that it uses herbs (lavender) on top of the magnesium for a double effect at helping you sleep. If you are ever having sleep issues look at adding in some magnesium either via a supplement or lotion…or both! 


Switching to non toxic natural deodorant can be intimidating. Mainly just because it is embarrassing to be stinky. The aluminum in deodorants (and other products) has been linked to Alzheimers. On top of that the purpose of this aluminum is to clog the pores in your armpits so that you do not release as much sweat too. Your body needs to sweat! This is the main way that we are able to flush out all of the other environmental toxins that are around us. Is sweat kind of gross? You bet. I’m not quite sure why we find it so embarrassing though. Every single one of us sweats in some way or another. We are so against having sweat show on our shirts that we would rather deal with Alzheimers? Not me.

I love the smell of the Earthley deodorant and it’s not a bad price at all. Being candidly honest, I openly admit that there are days when I have to put it on more than once though. I play softball in the summer and between the heat of the day and the heat of softball I just need a little extra. To me, that is normal but I did want to warn you. 

Earthley Wellness deoderant.

Nourish Her Naturally

This comes in the nourish her and the nourish him version. They also come in larger bottles so they will get you through longer. I love this because it’s a great alternative to a lot of supplements and vitamins. If you aren’t on a regime from a holistic doctor this is a fantastic place to start. It helps to nourish your body and keep it functioning optimally. I’m a big fan of the “all in one” approach. Multivitamins get a bad rap but that is mainly because they are made poorly. This is a great way to get a little bit of everything you need on a daily basis. Plus, it is tailored toward men and women. We all know our bodies have different needs too. I appreciate the fact that these also work with our hormones to help us function better.

Sinus Saver

As I mentioned, I have seasonal allergies. I will be flat out honest with you when I say this isn’t quite as good as the over the counter zyrtec. It does help though! If you take it consistently it definitely has a better impact than if you just try to take it after you are already feeling the impacts of your allergies. As you read before, I’ve had allergies for awhile. I believe mine would be considered pretty severe. This helps control the drainage enough to help me sleep at night. The other big symptom that I have is headaches from my allergies. I haven’t had any of those either which proves to me that this is working.

Earthley Wellness Sinus Saver.

Honorable mention goes to the dry shampoo which I also really love. I didn’t think I could stop using aerosols but it turns out this works just as good and I love it! My dad uses the skin soothing lotion for his eczema and thinks that it works well too. Earthley recently released a home care line as well. I still enjoy making homemade cleaners with my infused vinegar though so I haven’t even tried them yet. I wish my Earthley Wellness product review could go on forever because there are so many good products from this shop. Perhaps once I try the home care items I will do another review with them!

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